A Community of Purpose-Filled Families

My desire is to see my family and those around me thrive!  We thrive when we continually grow in our understanding of what it means to live a purpose-filled life and then put what we learn into practice.

Every child has been created with a unique set of gifts and talents and our job as parents is to exploit those talents so they can grow to walk in the the purpose for which they were created.  As a home-educator I have the awesome privilege and responsibility of providing a tailor-made experience for our children as they learn more about who God is making them to be.

Regardless of the mode of education you have chosen for your child, my desire is to empower you, the parent, to chase after God’s best for your child, your family, and yourself within your unique story.

I’ve been humbled more than once when I’ve chosen to let go of my “because this is the way it’s always been done” tendencies.  So dream with me of a deeper, richer life for your family.  You will not regret it!