These are some platforms we frequent for classes:

Outschool– Live, online courses from instructors all over the globe! Click HERE to receive $20 off your first class (affiliate link).

Skillshare- Classes for all things creative! 1 free month HERE (affiliate link).

All of these resources are FREE for subscribers! Enjoy!

Thinking deeply about and writing out what our vision was for our children’s education was such a helpful exercise. Feel free to use ours as a template.
A comprehensive list of books about how kids learn, the history of education, latest research and trends, etc.
Create your own stories with your children using well-known works of art! Click HERE for loads of ideas and resources.
Can you ever have too many bookmarks?
A guide to becoming more confident in engaging those in your community.
Do some of your self-directed learners need a little bit more structure? These goal sheets may be just the thing!
In order for a child to direct their own learning, they may need some guidance as to figuring out what their unique interests, desires and needs are. This pdf will help get that conversation going.
Conversation starters about education.
Start your home educating journey today with this FREE starter kit!
2020 webinar I gave on examining the myths and opportunities of home education. Download this free pdf to take notes while you listen!
Writing can be a fun adventure for you and your children!
Instead of taking an exam, allow your children to demonstrate their learning in countless other ways. Here’s a few to get you started.
Include these notes in your child’s nature/forest play journal!
Print this journal cover onto a colored paper of your choice and fill with desired number of blank printer pages. Children may draw, journal, trace, tape leaves, press flowers, add foraging notes, etc!

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