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Goal Sheets: Read and Watch more about these goal sheets in this post. There are 3 unique quotes and 1 left blank for children to find their own quote for the week!

35 Ways that children can demonstrate their learning: This pdf is meant to accompany the goal sheets that we use in our learning each week. Instead of simply taking a test, or writing an essay, children can show their learning in many different ways!

Webinar: Check out this podcast episode of a webinar I gave for Freedom to Learn on the myths and opportunities of home education. Download this pdf to help take notes while you listen!

Child-Led Learning: If you could do one thing all day long, what would it be? If you could go to any museum in the world, it would be a museum of ________? What is something you like to do, but wish you were better at? If you could have anyone in the world as your teacher, who would it be, and what would they teach you?

Are you interested in self-directed learning, but finding it difficult to determine what your child is into? This printable list of questions will be super helpful.

Brand new to home education? This resource will help get the ball rolling! Download your FREE pdf here!

A comprehensive list of books about how kids learn, the history of education and schooling, the latest research and trends in education, why play is so important and more. Download a FREE pdf copy here!

How do stories work? Can my children write their own stories? Download this workbook to discover how easy and fun writing stories together can be!

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