Chasing Childhood

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We are excited to be hosting a screening of Chasing Childhood as a FREE gift to our community!

Chasing Childhood was filmed before the pandemic, but the issues explored are even more profoundly relevant today: what is the changing landscape of contemporary childhood and parenting? What is best for my kid? These questions transcend zip code and demographics.

Chasing Childhood is a feature documentary that explores the rapidly changing landscape of contemporary childhood and parenting. In today’s childhood, confined by structure, stranger danger, and helicopter parenting, free-play has virtually disappeared. Experts are ringing the alarm bell about the dramatic rise in anxiety and depression in young children and teens. What if all this well-intended hovering, fear and over-scheduling has backfired? The film takes us to three communities that are trying to shift culture to create room for play and independence with the hope of raising kids to become competent, healthy, and happy adults.

Check out the trailer and a panel discussion about the film HERE.

Join Us:

1. Register for the film. Cost: free. You will have 5 days (3-7 May 2021) to watch the film at your own leisure.

Registrants will be automatically added to our email list to receive our newsletter and updates. You may unsubscribe at any time.

2. Register for the post-film discussion. On Sunday, 9 May, 3:00-4:00pm BST, we will have an opportunity to discuss the film together over Zoom and brainstorm some possible action points for our own families and communities. (Limited spaces available.)

Everyone who registers for the post-film discussion will automatically be entered in a giveaway to win a book bundle by the experts featured in the film!

(Sorry, UK addresses only. Winner will be announced at the meeting)

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