Ealing Home Ed Clubs

The purpose of these clubs is to gather young people around activities that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of what the child’s academic interests or pursuits might be.

Space is limited. Please contact Brittany Burton in the chat to register and for payment info. unless the link is provided below.

Monday Clubs:

Will meet Mondays, 1-3pm during term-time at Open Ealing, Dickens Yard, W5

First Monday of every month:

5 Feb, 4 Mar, 6 May, 3 June, 1 July = 8 sessions

Board Games Club (Kids and Teens)-, ages 5+. Bring your own board game to share with others, learn a new game that someone else has brought, or design your own board game with materials provided. Teens can come on their own, but all other children must be accompanied by their parents. Cost: £2 per family.

Second Monday of every month:

8 Jan, 11 March, 13 May, 20 June, 8 July = 8 sessions 

Kids: Art Fundamentals, ages 8-12, For more info and to register, click HERE

Third Monday of every month:


Fourth Monday of every month:

22 Jan, 26 Feb, 25 March, 22 Apr, 24 June, 22 July = 8 sessions 

Kids: Built it! Club, ages 3+, Parents must accompany their children. Kids will use materials such as: playdough, cardboard, magna tiles, Lego, Keva blocks, paper sculptures, K’nex, marble runs, and more for some free-play building fun! £5 per family.