What is Elective Home Education?

Did you know that we live in a country where a parent has the freedom choose how to educate their own children? This is a luxury that most parents around the world do not have.

We are part of a rapidly growing group of families who home educate our children by choice (and it’s nothing like what most families had to endure during lockdown). Consider some of the following questions:

What is education really for? Do you believe that there might be more to adulthood than our schools can provide?

What should the role of a teacher be? Does your child have interests or desires that cannot be realized in a school environment?

Do you feel like your child needs more time for play and family? Is your life dictated by the school calendar?

Do you wish that your children, with regards to their nationality or race, were represented in the content they learn?

Do you feel like your child is being made to fit into a box? Are you hoping that your child will keep her natural curiosity and grow up a happy, motivated learner?

Are you and your children tired of the rat race of school runs, exams, homework, tutorials, activities, etc?

Questions like these (and more) are what caused us to seek an alternative to the traditional school setting for our children. Here is a list of 16 reasons why home education might be the best option for you and your family. Regardless of where your children learn, it’s our duty as parents to consider the question, “What is education for?” and to have an honest, confident answer for our children, for those around us, and for ourselves.

As a former classroom teacher, I would love to see all schools meeting children’s needs in a more holistic way, as stated HERE. In the meantime, we count it a privilege that we, as parents, can provide for our children’s education in an abundant way. Our kids are thriving, they are able to explore their interests and desires, they have regular opportunities to interact with other children of all ages, and London is our classroom (need I say more?).

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