Playing with Words

This year’s theme is “Choice”.

We are excited to be hosting a workshop on National Poetry Day called, “Playing with Words!”. Local, guest artists Joel Sydenham and Nick Griffin will be joining us to share their work, lead a discussion about Why Poetry? (older kids) and guide the children in creating their own song based on the theme, Choice (younger kids). Then everyone will come together to play with some words in the newspaper:

Newspaper Blackout and Cutout

These are fun, easy way to play with words. I’m always amazed at, even when many children are using the same sets of words, their final products are so different.

Poem Hunt

Create your own poem hunt in a local park! Choose a theme and have the children record their chosen or original poems. “Hide” them in the park using the Echoes App. We created a Spring hunt and are currently working on an Autumn one. Contact me at for more detail or with any questions!

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