• How to create an Individualized Learning Pathway for your child that you can immediately implement.
  • How to structure your day so that everyone at home can thrive.
  • Creating a family mission with core values.

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Speaking topics include:

  • Home Education: Debunking the Myths, Exploring the Opportunities
  • The Curriculum Delusion: Getting away from the idea of doing “school” at home.
  • Every Parent an Educator: What your child needs you to teach them, regardless of where they go to school.
  • The Motivated Learner: Creating an Individualized Learning Pathway plan for your child
  • A purpose-filled family: Fostering community in your neighborhood and city.
  • Stories: How your family can become a story-loving, story-telling, and story-writing one!
  • Motherhood: Don’t worry, your kids will teach you everything you need to know!

Writing topics include:

  • Home Education
  • Education philosophy
  • Family/Parenting

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