Making Community Connections

A look at how to engage with your local community in ways that are beneficial for all.

Home education is a way of life, and one major advantage we have is the ability to make authentic connections within our local communities that foster unique learning opportunities and build relationships.

What are your assets?

The first step in building bridges with your local community is to come up with a list of your assets:

1) Your family’s collective gifts and strengths

2) How each individual in your family uniquely wired, what they are into, etc.

3) What your local area has to offer.

Remember: Nothing is too small to put on this list!

(Not sure where your child’s interests or strengths lie? Here’s a helpful QUESTIONNAIRE to get you started.)

I was inspired by this book’s ideas on building community.

The fun part!

Start to imagine how bridges might be built between any combination of the assets on your map for the mutual benefit of all. Here are 3 practical ways to start making connections: Filling a need, Celebrating, and Inviting others to join you.

Learn more about hosting a Clothing or Book Swap on your street. Check out what our STORYTIME looked like during lockdown. Don’t hesitate to step into people’s PAIN.

Holidays, birthdays, changing of seasons- use them all as an excuse to gather people together!

Here is our first POEM HUNT. Why not create one where you live?

I hosted an online screening for a timely documentary on CHILDHOOD for the community.

Do what you would normally be doing, just invite others along! If you have an extra spot on your museum pass, invite a neighbor! Enjoy reading, knitting, gardening? Perhaps others do too! Or simply invite others to PLAY!
Connecting with your community is beneficial for all parties involved!

I would love to hear how your family or organization intentionally engages with your local community. Please get in touch!

Want to learn more? Book a workshop with me to learn how families can better connect with their local communities in meaningful ways.


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Hi, I’m Brittany. I home educate our 5 children and London is our classroom. It’s my joy to see how the assets of each member of our family, plus the assets of our neighborhood and locality, can work together for the benefit of all.

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