Becoming an advocate in your own neighborhood

Engaging with and inspiring others to ponder the true purpose of education.


I’m so glad that you are interested in becoming a voice for freedom in education, by making meaningful connections in your community. I hope that these ideas will spark some of your own. Thanks for visiting!

In order to develop a true sense of community, we must intentionally reach out and connect with those in our neighborhood. This builds trust and leads to lasting relationship.

When speaking to others, it’s important to know who you’re talking to and what you’re talking about.

-Here’s a list of thought-provoking QUESTIONS you could ask in a conversation.

-Some conversations keep repeating themselves. Here are some examples of “ELEVATOR SPEECHES” for when people ask about home education. What do you typically say?

-Your own story is powerful!
Peruse this comprehensive BOOK LIST about all things education.
-Learn more about defining the CORE of who your family is.
-Develop your own WHY of education.
-Check out our family’s PHILOSOPHY of education.
-Have a business card or easy-to-remember social media page/website where they can access more info, like

Sometimes actions speak louder than words and might earn us the right to speak into someone’s life in a meaningful way.

Take some time to make a list of all the the gifts and strengths that you have, each of your children have, your neighbors have, and your town or city has. Then start to see how bridges might be built between any combination of those assets for the mutual benefit of all. Not sure where your child’s interests or strengths lie? Download this QUESTIONNAIRE to get a better idea.

A fresh look at building community.
Learn more about hosting a CLOTHING SWAP on your street. Check out what our STORYTIME looked like during lockdown. Don’t hesitate to step into people’s PAIN.

Holidays, birthdays, changing of seasons- use them all as an excuse to gather people together!

Here is our first POEM HUNT. Why not create one where you live?

I hosted an online screening for a timely documentary on CHILDHOOD for the community.

Do what you would normally be doing, just invite others along! If you have an extra spot on your museum pass, invite a neighbor! Enjoy reading, knitting, gardening? Perhaps others do too! Or simply invite others to PLAY!

I would love to hear how your family or organization intentionally engages in your local community. Please get in touch!

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Hi, I’m Brittany. I home educate our 5 children and London is our classroom. It’s my joy to see how the assets of each member of our family, plus the assets of our neighborhood and locality, can work together for the benefit of all.

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